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Whether you sail socially or professionally, SailEQ was designed for you. With one account that links between multiple devices and access to a community of sailors, SailEQ is there to connect you to where you are going.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Create: For every sail you can now generate a track with our software which helps you analyse your performance.

Connect: Join other sailors by creating events and sharing your performance to social media.

Compare: See how you are matching up against your peers or race against them in a virtual competition.

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The iQ

The iQ collects wind data, which can then be used to help sailors analyse their performance and compare sessions against others in a specific type of boat.

The iQ
Online Platform

Online Platform

Through our website, sailors can now get a better analysis of their sail than ever before. With multiple metrics to chose from, visualise your improvement and compare yourself to others.


About Us

SailEQ is a product from CSail, where their mission is to get more people sailing more often. This is achieved through the use technology and innovative design. With three generations of experience behind their products, CSail creates the perfect blend of experience and passion. CSAIL


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Connect with other sailors & share your activities to social media


Race and challenge other sailors by earning medals and moving up the leaderboard


Watch your performance improve with the data analysis tools and compare your track against others.

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SailEQ is currently in a Beta development stage. Metrics and software are constantly undergoing refinement to ensure that you have your best experience with us. If you have any feedback of queries please contact us at [email protected]