CMetrix is part of the UpMarine group of companies, which are based in Hong Kong. UpMarine exists to make sailing activities fun, fast and affordable. It is involved in the design, manufacture, distribution of state-of-the-art sailing products, such as the Laser Rig, 49er, 29er and Skud18. Each of these are olympics class boats. They are used throughout the world at the elite through to the recreational level.

CMetrix provides a leap forward in the products provided by the UpMarine. CMetrix gives you not only real time feedback on the sea state and conditions (sea metrics) but also your performance relative to the capabilities of the boat and your peers. It also provides resources to sailing administration in the digital undertaking, recording and running of racing. The depth of resources available through CMetrix includes novice to elite levels of tutorials, manuals, and even maintenance schedules.

CMetrix makes sailing not only fun, fast and affordable but makes it easier.

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